North Carolina Medical Board Headquarters

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In 2018, HH Architecture performed a space needs analysis for the North Carolina Medical Board’s (NCMB) office and concluded that they would need to relocate. The NCMB then purchased a three-story, 40,500 SF building, and enlisted HH Architecture to provide design services for the renovation. A plan was set in place to renovate the main lobby, most of the second floor, and all of the third floor.

The building lobby is open to the public and provides a waiting area that boasts a two-story space with views into the reception located on the second floor. The second floor is designed around collaboration and encompasses training rooms, a board room, and meeting rooms for public hearings and events. The third floor is dedicated to workspace.

HH Architecture worked on setting standards for office sizes to ensure that the offices’ design would support the users’ needs at a smaller than the typical size. Collaboration spaces are sprinkled throughout the floor and provide places for all types of interaction from formal to informal.