East Carolina University Jones Galley

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East Carolina University retained HH Architecture to complete a renovation and expansion to the Jones Hall Galley. Our design team worked to meet the needs of the client by providing design and construction documents as well as interior finishes for this project.

Our team completed the renovation of three Interior spaces including a Port City Java Coffee shop with a rustic interior design, a new student lounge area, and a cafeteria with multiple options for students to choose from. The lounge area provides students with an array of seating and workspace options, a fitness area, and an audio-visual wall installation. The exterior expansion includes additional outdoor seating.

In 2015, HH Architecture completed a study of the existing Jones Galley dining area to explore options and provide cost estimating for this renovation and expansion. We examined the feasibility of splitting the project into two phases. The first phase included expansion of interior and exterior space under a roof overhang. The second phase included rebuilding the entire serving area and kitchen, as well as expanding the seating area. In the end, this project was completed in one phase to accommodate the academic calendar.