Bonnie B. Davis Environment and Agricultural Center

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The Bonnie B. Davis Environment and Agricultural Center is a 16,950 square foot building designed to accommodate programming for agricultural and government service agencies in Orange County. This includes the NC Cooperative Extension, the Department of Environment, Agriculture, Parks & Recreation (DEAPR) Support Services and Natural and Cultural Resources Divisions, DEAPR/NRCS Soil and Water Conservation Division, Farm Services Agency (FSA), and the NC Forest Service.

The building includes an open lobby with a large, dividable shared meeting room along with a multipurpose room and boardroom. It features a residential warming kitchen for cooking demonstrations, restroom facilities, and several office suites with workspaces and small meeting rooms. The facility also includes outdoor programming, including gathering and demonstration spaces and horticulture gardens.

As the centerpiece of the government services campus, the Bonnie B. Davis Environment and Agricultural Center is designed with a focus on supporting the effective operation of agricultural services to improve the overall experience of customers, guests, and employees. The building is also universally accessible, with automatic doors at the main entrance, convenient access to restrooms, and safe, user-friendly finishes, fixtures, and furnishings throughout.

The building honors the life and legacy of Bonnie B. Davis, who made Orange County her home when she began working for North Carolina Cooperative Extension in 1950. Davis was the county’s first Black agricultural extension agent, but her impact went well beyond her obligations for Cooperative Extension. For 40 years, she taught families how to live healthier lives and was a leader for youth groups. As an active member of the Orange County community, Davis served in pursuit of equality, justice, and human rights for all citizens.