Central Energy Plant

Wake Technical Community College 2023 Discovery Wendell, NC 15,700 square feet Back to Projects

Wake Technical Community College is developing a new Eastern Wake campus in Wendell, North Carolina. The new campus development east of Raleigh kicked off with the design of this 15,700 square foot central energy plant and infrastructure project.

The design for the energy plant serves as a showcase of sustainable systems with easily accessible and daylit interior spaces in both the mechanical and administrative zones of the facility. Furthering the sustainability goals of Wake Tech, the facility includes complex geothermal integrated mechanical systems and rooftop photovoltaic panel arrays which provide sustainable energy campus-wide. With color-coded mechanical systems visible from the energy plant’s classroom and control room, the building itself serves as a teaching tool for Wake Tech students studying integrated building systems.

The East Campus Central Energy Plant is the first project in North Carolina to receive four Green Globes for sustainability.

Photography: Keith Isaacs Photo