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Senior Interior Designer Jessica Bossiere Interviewed for Raleigh Magazine Feature Story

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Senior Interior Designer, Jessica Bossiere specializes in space planning and workplace design. She has worked with many high profile companies including CATO Research, the North Carolina Medical Board, NC Department of Agriculture, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Duke Energy, and Cisco.

She believes that every companies’ processes should be first on the priority list in planning the most efficient layouts for their office space. She takes pride in getting to know her clients and enhancing their spaces to meet all their needs while also making them appealing to the eye.

Raleigh Magazine’s Lauren Kruchten asks, “What will our new normal look like for the workplace?”

“Every office space will approach the transition back to work differently depending on their income, culture, size and what’s important to the employees and employers. Some companies might be able to afford a complete office redesign while others cannot and may therefore ask some employees stay home for longer. “There’s a sense of commitment and employers don’t want to take a risk, making sure they’re not the reason for an outbreak,” Bossiere says.”

Read the full feature story here. Available online and in Raleigh Magazine’s June 2020 print edition.