1100 Dresser Court Office Renovation

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After outgrowing their office building in the warehouse district, HH Architecture purchased and renovated a 1970s building and transformed it from a doctor’s office, with a dark enclosed interior into a modern, open, and collaborative design studio in Midtown Raleigh.

Key brand elements were incorporated into the building design to create a unique office environment. Modern upgrades were made, including an expanded breakroom, a model shop, and flexible gathering and workspaces equipped with AV. The second-floor envelope which included the original mansard roof was removed and replaced with a new façade comprised of metal panels and north-facing storefront windows, introducing natural light into the workspace, promoting a positive and healthy workplace. The major design challenge was connecting the two floors to enhance the already strong company culture of this 20+ person firm. A large opening was created between the first and second floors and a daylight monitor was added to bring light into the space. A large pendant light hangs through the opening, connecting the two floors, and creating continuity. The lobby space also incorporates accent lighting that draws the eye around the space highlighting key design features. Warm, modern finishes were added throughout, integrating biophilic design elements. The office design incorporated a variety of flexible workspaces including sit/stand desks, ergonomic chairs, various seating options with touchdown spaces, meeting spaces, pin-up walls, and collaborative spaces allowing employees to choose where they want to work and change their environment.